Edna Pierre is a Florida-based Attorney, specializing in Plaintiff-side personal injury cases, family law, and general civil litigation. Edna’s journey began when she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Criminology with a Minor in Child Development, coupled with her joint Master’s degrees in Social Work and Public Administration, all from Florida State University. To complete her educational journey, Edna obtained her Juris Doctor at Stetson University College of Law.


With her broad background in Social Work, Edna has been rigorously trained to treat each client with the unique personal attention they deserve. In fact, she began her career in Social Work as a Case Manager for the Department of Children and Families. This is where her inner-fire to fight for what is right was first ignited.

While advocating for and protecting Florida’s youngest and most innocent victims of abuse, abandonment, and neglect, Edna also served as a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem for several years, advocating for the rights and inclusion of foster care kids in making decisions that affected them. Here, Edna was the voice for the children amid the often conflicting objectives of their biological or foster parents, caregivers and the Department.

Edna also spent time interning at the 6th Circuit Public Defender’s Office, where she was involved in compliance efforts with then newly reformed national juvenile sentencing mandates. Here, she also worked with defendants and juveniles in various court proceedings. After law school, she honed her skills while working at law firms specializing in family, immigration, first party property and personal injury. She launched her solo practice as the managing attorney of Pierre Legal, PA so she could tailor her practice and brand to the areas of interest that resonated with her personal interests and objectives.

Advocacy and public service have been central themes throughout Edna’s career. She enjoys being a voice for those who have experienced undue hardships or who have been disadvantaged or injured and may not have the personal resources to obtain the assistance or compensation to which they are entitled. She believes in serving her clients with compassion and commitment as a testament to her background in public service.

Aside from practicing law, Edna is a current Notary Public and former Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. She is a member of the SARA Coalition, a group focused on reducing youth drug use, as well as a member of the Broward County Bar Association, Haitian Lawyer’s Association, and various other professional groups in her legal community. She currently serves as the Community Service Board Chair of the Haitian Lawyer’s Association for 2022-2026.

As a South Florida native, Edna is an alumna of several Miami-Dade and Broward County schools, including Miami Park and Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Westview and H.D. Perry Middle, and Ft. Lauderdale High School. She is also a proud first-generation, Creole-speaking Haitian American. Edna believes in paying it forward by engaging in pro bono work, outreach, mentoring and volunteering to give back to the communities that gave so much to her. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, going to poetry shows and musical concerts, exploring and blogging about South Florida’s plant-based cuisine and festivals, and traveling.