Committee List

List of Committees and current chairs

• Awards

The Awards Committe shall select those members of the Association, judiciary, legal profession, or community at large who will be recognized and honored by and in the name of the association for their contribution(s) to the association, legal community, or the community at large.

• Advisory Board

• Banquet / Ceremony Committee

• Budget and Finance / Fundraising Committee

Chair: Ronald Surin, Esq.

The Budget and Finance Committee shall consider the Associations Financial needs, plan, evaluate, make budgeting and general recommendations regarding financial policy to the Association and offer advisement on ways and means by which funds to meet the operating budget can be realized.

• Bylaws Committee

The By-Laws Committee shall review all proposed revisions and amendments to the By-Laws and the effect of the proposed revision and/or amendment, which include but are not limited to procedural effects, substantive effects and financial ramifications

• Election Committee

The Election Committee shall organize, supervise, and conduct all official elections of the Association in compliance with its code. This committee will post all information concerning an election, ensure that only regular members vote, count the ballots and present a written election report to the Executive Board.

• Gala Committee

The Gala Committee shall organize the Association’s Annual Gala to be held in February of every year.

• Issues Committee

The Issues Committee shall assist the Executive Board in preparing the positions of the Association on issues of local and national concern which may impact or affect the Association or its purpose as set forth in the Association’s By-Laws.

• Legislative Committee

• Marketing Committee

• Membership / Member Relations Committee

The Membership Committee shall implement the guidelines for membership in the association and promote the Association’s growth through planned activities to encourage persons eligible for membership to join the Association.

• Mentorship Committee

Pro-Bono / Community Service Committee

The Pro-Bono Committee shall plan and implement activities geared to promote the Association’s commitment to public service, develop and implement a process for monitoring members’ participation, recommend projects to be undertaken as approved by the Association.

• Professional Growth and Development Committee

The professional growth and development Committee shall plan and implement programs designed to enhance the professional growth and skills of the members of the Association in delivering legal services.

• Website Committee